2 comments on “Extra money is good… especially when you need it

  1. I know why you want to pay off debt and I will support you any way you need it. I think the way you have been doing it with ebay and not spending so much will help a lot. I think if you got another job, it might not help at all, but just cause you so much more stress. The only answer I can really give you is that we just need to sit down and pray really hard about what God wants us to do. It’s the only way that we can get through any thing that is troubling us!!! I love you and will support your decision no matter what, but first I think we should pray and seek God!!!

  2. I agree will Hilary bud- pray. If I hear of people needing websites, I will mention you to them. I feel ya on spending less and getting out of debt. I can’t give you any direct answer of what you should do except to pray.

    In other news, Derek, B.T., and I are going through Wild at Heart. Would you like to join us in that?

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