4 comments on “I am Fed up!

  1. So, while I love your goofy, good natured, always makes me laugh when I don’t want to smile self, when you get serious on me and you make me and other people think…it’s a really good thing! I agree with everything that you said and I think that it’s a good thing….I love you!!

  2. Fun Fact: Government policy going back to Prez. Carter punished businesses if they didn’t make risky loans. Because after all, it’s your constitutional right to own your own home, regardless if you can afford it. And now we’re paying the price. In 2005, McCain warned the Senate this would happen.

    Fun Fact: Obama is the second biggest recipient in the Senate of campaign contributions from “Freddy and Fannie” with $126,349. And that took less than four years. Chris Dodd is the number one recipient with $165,400. And it took him nine years.

    Here’s more

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