7 comments on “My top 5 Geocaching Tips!

  1. You forgot to tell them to take your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancee/fiance, or wife/husband with them because usually it’s that person that finds the caches…aka Me and Mrs. Heath!

  2. …and then, after the first cache, they demand to go home because “It’s too cold” or “It’s too hot” or “Isn’t 5 caches enough?”…blah blah blah.

  3. With the planning part, we’ve found that having topo maps is helpful if you’re in an area with lots of elevation changes. Learned the hard way on a few when we approached it from the wrong way. A 1/1? Why did we have to climb up the side of a mountain for a 1/1? ; )

  4. Just for Mr. Heath’s information, if we usually FIND a cache I’m all for going for the next one, unless I just climbed up a hill the size of a mountain! Other than that, if we find them I’m all for going for the next one, it’s usually that one where we end up roaming around and that’s what I get sick of!!!

    *Attention gf/bf, wife/husband, engaged person of Geocacher*

    This is how I get through geocaching with Phillip! Just remember, if you do something that they enjoy, they will in turn do something you enjoy! Plus most times, Geocaching can be fun! Yes, I said it can be fun…so there.

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