2 comments on “The Amazing!

  1. Now, that’s a good blog post! And, thanks for thinking that I’m “really really cool and super fantastic.”

  2. You know you made a few good points. I don’t think your sister realizes how many people look at her and admire her. Sometimes when y’all are sitting and talking I just love to listen to the input she puts into the conversation because she is so wise. Sometimes I forget that she is the younger sibling lol. We might not always agree on everything, but what fun would that be…right? But her insight is truly amazing!

    I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the story of Jesus like that! When you really stop to look at the bigger picture you realize that yes, while Jesus is the Savior, the magnificent creator, he was also a man, a man who loves us more than words could ever describe. So yeah, he was totally amazing!

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