One comment on “It always happens about this time…

  1. So I read your blog and I was thinking to my,



    “This Andy Andrews guy he speaks of, you know him.”

    “Hmm, was he the guy that lived under the pier?”

    So I did a little research and realized that yes, this was the fellow I was thinking of. I heard him speak at a conference I went to for Chick-fil-A that seems like a million years ago. What I do remember is how I laughed and cried when I heard his story and how I wanted to read his books.

    Just wanted to tell you my little story to let you know that I’m really into your last few blogs, keep it up! I also LOVE Andy Stanley!

    I also read a little deeper and saw that you found a website that gave away free books and didn’t tell me!!! You should be shame faced! For payment I fully expect a better informat next time. 🙂

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