2 comments on “PhilsNextPodcast?

  1. Phillip, I think that you should do it on EVERYTHING! I like the title Philsnextpodcast!!

    You could talk about books, or card games, or ten ways to make to dumb joke funny! The possibilities are endless!!!

    Maybe I’ve had to much caffeine today…

    But seriously…do it!

  2. You have so many hobbies and I think Philsnextpodcast is an amazing title. I don’t think you could honestly worry about running out of things to say on geocaching, coupon shopping, or anything else that interest you.

    If anything you could record us doing our thing we’re always doing when we randomly break out in song or just start talking in our funny accents. I mean no one else might get it, but at least we would! It would be something to record…who knows.

    Do it…like Shope said…

    I love you!

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