2 comments on “Giving it up…

  1. We need to find a “dying moments” spot and everytime that we feel the thing we died to last week come back, go to that spot and give it to God. Don’t lose it Phillip, God has got some amazing plans for us sweetheart. Don’t give up, don’t lose Faith, and always remember:

    I am here with you, as you will be for me. We can do this together, we don’t have to go at it alone. Living the life of Christ won’t always be easy because Satan will try to destroy what we have rekindled in the past week or so. We’re in this together…never forget that. I love you!

  2. Satan is going to attack you, now more than ever. He can’t stand to see you happy and will do ever thing in his limited power to take it away from you. What you have to do is take his power away from him. When you feel overwhelmed you talk to God, place your doubts, fears and worries on his shoulders, believe me they are broad and strong. You take everything one day at a time, one issue at a time. That is another great reason for the accountability/reunion groups, it gives you people to talk to. Remember we are meant to be relational and to hone each other for our spiritual warfare against Satan. If he will pull out all the stops against us, does he not deserve the same from us. He will play to your weaknesses, but you must focus on your strength. That strength comes from having Christ in your own life and having those who would lift you up through Christ in their lives. Thats like Jesus to infinity and beyond. I’m praying for you brother and again if you ever need to talk……

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