One comment on “Eating Healthy!?

  1. I know what you mean Phillip, and what we do is label read. We do have the unhealthy stuff in our buggy, but also healthy stuff too. Fruit and vegetables are the healthiest, we choose bananas and apples, you can also get a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower or carrots and then some lite ranch. Brylie and Landon love this as snacks. You have to have a splurge everyonce in awhile or you feel deprived, so we get a tub of ice cream. But then you learn to fix healthy recipes and then just use turkey instead of HB meat. We live pay check to pay check and have to really watch our pennies, but the extra that we spend on the healthier stuff really doesnt dip into our budget like I thought. Sorta like tithing, once you start, you cant really see where its taking away from your bills. I guess that is where He provides for us. Entertainment is where we skip and save that money for the healthy foods, we dont go to the movies, and we hardly ever shop and if we do it is at the thrift store. We do go out to eat, as I dont like to cook, but we limit the times we go. Dennis has really done a wonderful job of keeping us on budget and I have no idea how much money we have but I can say that I dont go without. But I dont shop at convienence stores for a soda, I bring my own, eat lunch from home nearly everyday, bring my own snacks. So when we do go somewhere, like the football game, we can have that $4 soda and it really is a treat. We appreciate it so much more for the exciting time that it is.

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