4 comments on “The Hardest Part of Couponing

  1. Kroger actually does carry the pretzels. We bought one box on Tuesday night (but just one–I’m not a stockpile hoarder). But there may have only been one or two left after that, so I’m guessing they didn’t re-stock at all before you got there.
    I’ve only been doing the couponing thing for a few weeks, but I can empathize with your frustration. It takes such careful planning and more work than most people think to go shopping if you’re couponing correctly. So when stores don’t have an item or people have bought all of an item, it’s really irritating.
    My only advice is to hit Kroger earlier in the week. We found most everything on our list (except for one thing) on Tuesday night. Our plan is to hit Kroger on Sunday night or Monday night and Publix on Wednesdays. They should be close to fully-stocked on sale items when the sale paper comes out, right? Right? Don’t let me down, Kroger.

    • I thought I had seen a box in some of the stuff you got too, so I was confused when we couldn’t even find the tag for them. We would do Kroger on Sunday, if I could get everything organized and planned fast enough. I did manage to get some more of the Pasta coupons though, so I think we may try one more time either tonight or in the morning, just in case they put some more out. I really was looking forward to that cereal and those chips!

  2. Oh, btw, the O-A will have the Red Plum this Sunday. I looked through it and there are some good things in there. I’m still buying the Birmingham News or the AJC, though. Employee loyalty? What?

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