4 comments on “SEC Week 4 Predictions

  1. Okay…I think you are wrong about Vandy and SC! I think Vandy is going to win..while I like Spurrier, I do not like the game chickens! Also, I think Kentucky may give Florida a run for their money and that Kentucky might just beat Florida…I could be wrong, I mean I am a girl who according to a lot of people has no idea what I’m talking about…I mean I’ve only grown up with my dad teaching me everything about Football, but okay! Seriously that’s how I see it!

    • I want Vandy to win probably more than most, but I just think somehow SC is going to pull it out like they did the past two times.

      Kentucky isn’t very good though. They may surprise me yet, but probably not.

  2. Hopefully Garcia and the QB coach will be drunk…..they seem to like that state well enough, and Vandy can pull it off. Go Commodores!!

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