2 comments on “May the best candidate win.

  1. This is all nicely said. And I agree we should have more than the Republican versus Democrat options. Yes, maybe by law we can vote for a wide variety of politicians, but in reality the odds of people making a difference by writing in a name is nonexistent. You aren’t going to make a difference writing in a name. Actually you barely make a difference by writing a blogpost on the topic. I hear so many people complaining, but nothing changes. Why? Because no one wants to do anything. Unless you can get more than five people to collaborate and get off their lazy butts and go do something, nothing will change. There are enough unhappy people, but this is a country where no one really wants to exert any energy. I’m not commenting to make you mad or anything. I’m sorry if that’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to point out if you really want to make a difference then you are going to have to do something big. You come up with what it is, but you can’t just use social media in the hopes of seeing real change.

    • Unfortunately you’re right, and that’s one of the sad things about our country. Most people don’t realize that there are more than two candidates until they see the ballot on election day, and by then it’s too late. Also, for most of the ones who do realize there are more choices, they’re either too lazy to do anything like you said or they have a defeated attitude that even if they did vote for whom they really believed in, it wouldn’t make a difference. I can’t control what everyone else decides to do, I can only attempt, even if it’s a very small attempt, to help them realize what’s really happening. I don’t want people to listen just to what’s on their tv, or their newspaper or even what I say. Everyone needs to educate themselves and make their own decision. Like I said, this post may only reach 10 people, but that’s ok, because even though one person may not be able to make a huge dent today, even a small dent can greatly effect the future.

      I am considering much more than just writing posts on my blog too, and none of it is meant to come across as complaining, so I apologize if it does at times. You didn’t make me mad either 😉

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