2 comments on “Everyone can draw…

  1. I think you’re improving already. The trick to getting better IS practice, but also required is patience and the understanding that you can’t get better overnight.
    Something that might be helpful to you is something that my art teacher told me many years ago: stop trying to draw what you think you’re drawing.
    Your brain tells you you’re drawing Mario, so you try to draw what your brain thinks Mario looks like. Concentrate on the shapes he is made of, rather than eyes, nose, ‘tache etc. That’s how I learned and improved! 😀

    • Thanks for the advice. I kind of feel like that might have been what I was doing when I was drawing the master sword. I had an image that I was using as a guide, but once I got the basics down I kind of just let myself take it from there and shape it the way I thought it should look. I’m definitely going to keep going and keep practicing, hopefully daily, and I’ll keep posting stuff as I get better too!

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