2 comments on “My Whole 30 – Day 3

  1. I’m thinking of trying out the whole30, I just need to find a way to get my fiancé along on the idea, which is proving harder that it should be. -..
    I’d love the recipie on the chicken, maybe if I show him a few recipies he’ll get along easier.

  2. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I would recommend Whole 30. I honestly think everyone should do it, haha!

    I can understand it being hard to convince other people though. Many times they just don’t want to give up their “tasty food” in exchange for being healthier. What they don’t realize though is that there is still a ton of tasty food that you can eat while doing a Whole 30!

    As far as meat goes you can pretty much eat anything that isn’t processed, and even some stuff that is, like some sausage, and even bacon if it’s pastured and not sugar cured, etc… oh and EGGS!!! You can eat any veggies and fruits that you like and plenty of good fats. We’re only on Day 7 now and I’ve already found that I love foods I might have never even tried before!

    Showing him some recipes, or pictures of meals you can eat may definitely help too, as well as showing him testimonials from others who have done it. I’ll just say I’m for it 100% and I feel so good now that I am hooked!

    When I made that chicken the other day, I just chopped up a boneless breast into small bite size pieces… mainly to make sure it would cook all the way. I then put it in a pan with a little clarified butter and cooked until the chicken was just about done. Then I added salt, pepper and chili powder and cooked for a couple more minutes to get the seasoning spread around. Then I add a small amount of water, cover the pan reduce the heat to let it simmer for a bit. After it had simmered for a bit and I was sure the chicken was done, I removed the lid, raised the temp back up, and continued to cook until all the water was gone (stirring regularly to keep the chicken from burning). When the water was gone, it was time to eat!

    You can doctor it up anyway you want too. Add onions, garlic, mushrooms or whatever sounds good (and is whole 30 approved of course).

    I hope you can convince your fiance to do this with you, and good luck!

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