8 comments on “My Whole 30 – Day 10

  1. We “finished” our Whole30 at the beginning of February but we’re liking it so much we’re continuing. We feel better and have broken bad habits. Thanks for sharing, and best of luck with the next 20 days and beyond!

  2. I am pretty sure you read my mind. I did the Whole30 in January and really wish I had made it a Whole45 or Whole60. Your number 1 reason, so important. My son kept telling people I was on a diet. I weigh 110#, they must have thought I had an eating disorder.

  3. I think lifestyle changes work a heck of a lot better than diets. It’s hard for me, though, as I need to eat healthier but my husband has a very manual labor job, so he just burns through calories so he can eat whatever he wants and actually lose weight while I look at a piece of pizza and gain 10 pounds. Ugh….

    I agree that sodas are crap, but sadly they’re one of my addictions. I’m going to try and cut them out of my diet completely, or at the very least drink a lot fewer of them.

  4. Great job Phil! You’ve definitely got the right attitude to be successful! Congratulations!

    Shy422-my husband is a roofer. He burns through calories quickly too, but on whole30, because he is eating healthy, whole foods, he isn’t hungry all the time. And since there is no pizza on a whole30, you won’t gain ten pounds looking at it! 😉 yes, it’s a bit harder to prepare all the food for you and your husband, but you can do it!

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